A Day of Good Relaxing

Submitted by michael on Sun, 2006-06-11 16:16.

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Today I got up and my Dad and I drove north to the small town of Peak Hill where there is a gold mine. The cool thing is that the mines are open holes in the ground, you could see all the way in. You could see all the rocks that are purple, green, orange, everything! Then my Dad was so hungry and starving that we went back to The Dish and had lunch at the Dish Café. We watched The Dish move some more and then we went back to town.

Before we went back to the Westcott's Bed and Breakfast we took the car to the car wash and we got a pressure sprayer and we washed the car. Boy did it take a long time! It was really muddy.

We had Thai food for dinner and it was GREAT! As always. Tomorrow we are going to the farm that the Westcott’s lived on. They have a HUGE machine that plows, plants, fertilizes and covers the seed all in one pass. I am going to get to ride on it with Mal.