Bay of Plenty

Submitted by michael on Mon, 2006-07-10 21:19.

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We just spent two days at a place on The Bay of Plenty. It was sort of sunny for a change which was nice. We had GREAT fish and chips since it's right on the ocean.

My Mom and I bought some plastic tomatoes that we had been looking for and at the same time my Dad and Hannah found some! So I made a pyramid of tomatoes.

We are driving to Auckland tomorrow for three days before we fly home!

Oh, on our way to The Bay of Plenty we went to see a geyser in an active geothermal area. It was AWESOME!

Also, we stopped and went "Zorbing". Zorbing is where you get in clothes that can get wet, take a car to the top of a big hill, they stuff you inside a HUGE ball, pour in some warm water, and give the ball a push and you ROLL all the way down the hill! Hannah and I were in the same Zorb ball and it was a blast!!!

I can't wait to do it again!